The time is now to put your super power into words.

An online writing group with mega strength!


for people making a #positive impact in the world one word at a time

Are you a thought-leader, entrepreneur, writer, filmmaker, storyteller, speaker, healer, or artist doing good in the world and itching to expand your impact with words?

Do you want to write a book, start a writing practice, commit to your blog or newsletter?

Are you already speaking, selling, teaching, business running, but don’t have time to do the writing even though it shows up on your to-do list week-after-week, year-after-year?

The WRITE YOUR IMPACT writing group will get you to your goals.

The world needs you to battle through the resistance and get the writing done.

I am committed to supporting diverse and conscious voices who are making positive change in the world and helping people be the best version of themselves!

Why you?

  • You want a writing habit.

  • You realize that you need accountability or it ain’t happening.

  • You want access to an expert in the writing world; someone who’s already published, and validated in her craft through book awards and collegiate scholarships.

  • You’re eager to finish your book.

  • You must write that blog.

  • Your newsletter is harder than you thought and you realize that to write it, you’ll need a writing habit.

  • You want to complete your goal faster and in a less painful way.


Yep, I get it, Thais. Now what?

  • WRITE YOUR IMPACT membership is like most gym memberships. I’m a dedicated healthy-living person (lost 25 lbs.), and there’s a lot of similarities between the two activities: working out and writing. My writing gym is inexpensive and risk free. I really want you to be successful and happy, so if it’s not your jam, no worries, I’ll refund your investment after a 14-day trial period. After that, you can cancel your membership before the 1st of any month and you’re done. I try to keep things simple.

  • I’ll teach you how to schedule your writing time, which means getting real with how many words you need to write to finish a draft of your book, blog post, or newsletter. No more writing without a purpose.

  • Once you have a roadmap, I move you into goal setting and accountability, which means you need to hit your word count goals and turn-in a weekly progress report.

  • Once a month, I’ll do a live/recorded session where I comment on your writing if you choose to submit it. You learn from my comments on your work and my comments on other people’s work.

  • Wrap up the month with a custom end-of-month self-evaluation, just for you, which means you see your progress and can celebrate your success! Then let’s keep it rolling into the next month!


Not sure?

  • Not ready? Maybe you want to write but you don’t know what to write; you don’t have time to write; you’re too busy; you get interrupted by your family; or you just can’t find a good spot to let it flow.

    If it makes you feel better, a lot of people feel this way even with different life circumstances and books under their belt. If you’re here reading this than you have that itch to write. Start small. One sentence a day. Do what you can. I can help you find the space in your life. This is the hardest part of writing.

  • Sometimes there’s real barriers like you work a full-time job. Writing is for retirement.

    I believe that there’re real barriers in life. Watch the documentary film “The Weight of Water.” A blind man can kayak the Grand Canyon, but he went to epic lengths to do it. It took him six years to prepare. To what extent does your story need to be told?

  • You’re overwhelmed by the scale of the project.

    Yep, that gets very overwhelming. May I suggest you read “Bird by Bird,” Anne LaMott or practice meditation. I can help as well with some tips that have worked for me and others.

  • You have imposter’s syndrome. Why me? I can’t write. Who cares what I say? I’m not good enough.

    These voices may never go away even if you become a best-selling author. I practice hearing them and recognizing them as “oh those voices again,” and then imagine patting them on the head and saying, “Thanks, I got this.” #shesgotthis

  • I’ve paid for stuff before and it hasn’t helped; I need to just force myself to do it.

    I hear you; I feel the same sometimes, but I have decided that my work is worth the risk (within reason) because it’s just how I work. I need community and accountability to get my work done.

  • The time of the membership doesn’t work for me.

    I designed the membership to work with most people’s schedules as everything is record or done online.

  • I want a traditional writing group where we meet in a living room and share our work.

    These are awesome! I’ve been in many over the years. I believe that nailing down the habit of writing can work in conjunction with an intimate writing group. Maybe you’ll form a group with people who you meet in the WRITE YOUR IMPACT online writing group?


What People Have Asked Me about this writing group

  • What do I need? You need the willingness to do the work as best you can in this moment of your life. The workshop is run with Google Classroom and Zoom.

  • How much does it cost? $97/month

  • Do we do any writing? I hope so! In addition to your word-count goals, we meet three Thursdays a month online from 9:30-10:45 PST. We meet on Zoom the first Thursday of the month or you’ll watch the recording and do the exercises. The second Thursday, I’ll record my comments on your submitted work. The third and fourth Thursdays, we will meet again on a recorded Zoom call.

  • Do you edit my work? I comment on work submitted to me before the 1st of every month! I record myself talking about each person’s work and then release the video on the second Thursday of the month.

  • Can you help me find an agent? I’ll definitely teach you how to find and pitch to agents if you ask me during office hours. If I think of an agent who would be a good match, I’ll pass on their name for sure.

  • Can you help me find a publisher? Similar to the above question. I’ll share my experience with you and offer any advice that I can to you.

  • Do you ghost write? No, I’m too busy writing my epic novel while getting a Master in Fine Arts at the same time. The book is the thesis!

  • What if I pay but then can’t do it? I'll refund your money.

  • Will my card be charged automatically every month? Yes, on the first of every month.

  • How do I cancel my membership? Email me before the 1st of the month and I’ll stop the auto-billing machine.

  • Do I get access to the site after I quit? Although I’m an artist, I don’t want to be a starving artist. I encourage you to stay connected through the free, but private, WRITE YOUR IMPACT FaceBook group.


Sign me up!

  • It’s easy to jump in and start writing! Email me and I’ll get you started. Woot!

  • First, you’ll complete an exercise to determine how much time you need to write a certain number of words.

  • Then you’ll do a second lesson on putting the time that you need into your calendar.

  • After that, you’ll fill out the Writing Goal’s Worksheet to communicate your goals to me.

  • Weekly Zoom Meetings Thursdays 9:30-10:45 except the second Thursday of the month.

  • Second Thursday of the month receive a recorded video of me commenting on your work.

  • Check-ins on those writing goals on Mondays and Fridays.

  • Once a week and at the end of each month, you’ll do an Assessment to review of your writing goals.

  • Repeat